I'm moving the blog...

So I've decided to move the blog over to wordpress.com. When I first started this blog, I had all these grand ideas of both Phil & I contributing and sharing our life with all of you. I don't think Phil has posted a blog ever! He's really just not interested and doesn't ever think that he has anything worth saying on here. I've finally decided that it's ok that this is MY blog. However, blogger just isn't doing what I want it to do for me. SO, over to wordpress I go! I've imported all of these entries over and now I'm in the process of adding all those little bits to it that I've wanted all along. With wordpress you can add tabs and pages. So there will be different pages for me to share ALL the different aspects of my world with you. Of course there will still be A LOT of Phil and Boz (and Miko) and our every-day adventures. But there'll also be way more of ME there: my crafting and my photography, my life philosophies, my goals and ambitions, the world through MY eyes. So, if you'd like to still join me, please remember this address:: donlyn.wordpress.com. I can't wait to see you all over at wordpress!


2nd ever pedicure

Anyone who knows me really well, knows I have an aversion to feet. Ok, maybe not an aversion per se, more like a fear of. That's right ... I don't touch feet, I don't want feet near me, if I never had to look at feet I'd be ok with that. I don't even like touching socks that have been on feet. And if I could ensure that I wore the same sock on the same foot every time, I would. It took me three years to be able to pick Phil's socks up so I could wash them. Even now, I touch as little of the sock as humanly possible, pinching it between my thumb and finger at the cuff.

I don't give foot rubs. I will allow Phil to rub my feet, but only if I have my socks on. It took four years of dating for that one to happen.

It's a sad state of affairs, I know. But this being said, you can understand that I've never had a professional pedicure. Not once. Imagine my surprise when I felt the need for a pedicure to go along with my beautiful wedding dress a few weeks ago. I wasn't thinking anything crazy. I was going to give myself a pedicure. I read up on it, got the supplies, and LOVED it!

So now I've decided that once a month or so, I'm going to pamper myself and indulge in an at-home-pedicure. Maybe such rebellion will one day lead to a professional one!


we're back, kinda, sort of....

Phil, the boz, and I spent the night Sunday and all day Monday at the lake. When we first arrived we had no electricity, due to a car accident several miles away, and had to scrounge for some candles to see by. Monday, we had a great time introducing Boz to the water and traveling across the lake by kayak. At one point, we had to leave Boz inside while we were out on the water because he wouldn't stop jumping out of the kayaks and into the water. I think we've created a monster!


trip to the big city

Phil & I made the long journey to Boston yesterday. And then kept going. We went through the infamous "Big Dig" and over the really awesome bridge there (that I didn't manage to get a picture of :o( ) And on the other side we saw this sight ::

Very cool to see a giant windmill in the middle of a city.

Our final destination was Stoughton, Mass, home to Ikea!

I just love that place! We went with the hopes of finding the rest of our wedding decorations. And boy were we successful. We only have a few more items to get and we are done! YAY!

After waiting in traffic for a few minutets, we realized that we weren't going to find any parking where we were headed. So to roof we went. There was a ton of parking up there, but Phil chose this of all spots. Very funny, dear.... How about we wait until AFTER the wedding ??


our little tv watcher

Phil & I typically watch one of two channels when we watch tv: the history channel and the discovery channel. tonight's choice was discovery. they were showing part of a series that shows what happens after humans. In the pictures above, you can see boz watching tv with daddy. they are both very hard to distract when this happens. below, though, you'll see what happens when an animal of any kind comes on... I hope you get as big a kick out of it as we do.